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My brother-in-law says that I am a country-gal with a Ph.D. in urban. I believe he may be on to something. The songs and stories I write are based upon my personal observations of country life and its relationship to city life. The twist in my understanding comes from the mix of having lived in three distinct regional areas of the United States, the West, Mid-West and the South.
      The Blue Ridge Dream CD stories come from my having lived in the Blue Ridge and experiencing first-hand the mountain top, its stories, music and its people. Sometimes, the experience runs so deep, I feel I was born there. However, the emotion, in part, stems from a Scottish heritage and infectious pioneer spirit. It is this same spirit that motivated individuals to immigrate across America in search of a better life, and it is this spirit that is the heart of country music. Whether you are a Virginian, a Texan or as I am, a Californian, the rhythm of country music and that of our internal music is one and the same.
It is the beating of the heart.
     The Blue Ridge Dream CD is something NEW.  A fusion of Traditional Country with Modern Country. A flirtation with Bluegrass, the Blues, Rock and Swing. You are taken on an emotional, musical ride. 
There is no filler!  No, after the 3rd song, “Same ole’, sameole’.” The Caffeine & Country Music CD is a theatrical commentary on life, inclusive of the breakdowns, greatest surprises, cups of coffee we drink, music we love, and political decisions we question. The candid lyrics are laced with wit, speak to your heart and intellect, all the while tickling your imagination. You are given a front row seat to the drama of daily life. There is not one commercial. All you have to do is enjoy the musical ride.
       Both CD’s contain original stories, written with a sense of humor, sung with traditional styling to an edgy country groove and delivered with theatrical performance. You are listening in and become part of the story. If you like the story telling of Tom T. Hall, the humor of Jimmy Buffett, the musical instrumentation of Dwight Yoakam and the traditional vocals of Alan Jackson, then this is what  to do.
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