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I won my first art contest when I was three years old. The newspaper reported that 
I was the first child under five years of age to ever color their Santa Claus completely within the lines. The paper published my name and sent me a crisp, new one dollar bill. Destiny had stopped by my mailbox.
     By the seventh grade, when I was asked to write an essay on what I wanted to become when I grew up, Aside from being an Artist, I wrote: Writer, Singer and Rancher. So far I have done pretty good combining the first three. I am still working on the ranching part.
      In addition to writing music and performing, I went on to receive my MFA in Advertising Design, from California State University. 
     I have been blessed to work as a freelance production artist, project manager, and designer, on numerous national campaigns for Toyota, IBM, Disney and Motown Records. to name a few. Additionally, I have taught Advertising Design at California State University, Northridge, California, Woodbury University, Burbank, California, and The American University of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.
    Presently, I am a professor of Graphic Design with Florida A&M University, which is a historically black university. Over the years I have worked with University design classes to develop over twenty award winning city and statewide community based advertising campaigns, promoting environmental cleanup, recycling, anti-graffiti, literacy, driver safety, storm water safety and the prevention of horse slaughter and encouragement of pet responsibility.
    On the fine arts side of my creativity I have a touring 32 piece mixed-media art show titled, “The Ragged Edge of Desire”. The show deals with the pain we all experience in romantic relationships. 
     Joseph Campbell, the late eminent mythologist said, “Follow Your Bliss”. 
He maintained that in order for us as individuals to find happiness and success in our lives, we must meet the challenges of developing our deepest dreams. 
     Music, Writing, Art and Public Service are mine. I present my Real Country music  to you with gratitude for the creativity that has come through me.

K Wilder – Caffeine & Country Music | KDTN RADIO ONE

The Daily Athenaeum
Arts and Entertainment
West Virginia University

Country Artist K Wilder Reaches Top Country Charts.
By Shelly Davidov
Staff Writer 

     Some of West Virginia University’s country music fans may have heard songs by K Wilder. For those who have never heard of her, K Wilder is a country artist best known for her albums “Blue Ridge Dream” and the recently released “Caffeine and Country Music.”
     Songs like “Dime Box TX” and “Come Out and Dance” from each of these albums have reached the top five on several U.S. country music charts, surpassing artists such as Toby Keith, Brooks & Dunn  and Reba McEntire.
      Though she came from modest beginnings and faced many hardships, Wilder eventually graduated in Radio and Television Communications Technologyfrom Virginia Western and also attended graduate school for advertising design at California State University. Since then, Wilder has successfully worked as a freelance production artist, project manager and designer on national campaigns for Toyota, IBM, Disney and Motown Records.
     Each of Wilder’s albums displays the words “Warning: This CD contains Real Country Music.” Wilder’s albums have a more rustic and traditional sound that has not been heard in years. Her inspiration stemmed from the early music of Willy Nelson, Jimmy Buffet and Dwight Yoakam. These country artists took chances, had fun with their music and played real country, Wilder said.
     While everyone has their own musical preferences, anyone can appreciate the initiative Wilder clearly possesses. Not only does she write her own storytelling lyrics and music, but she also designs the graphics for her albums and produces the music from her production company “She Cooks Too Records.”
     In regards to future projects, she hopes to tour and play live as a working, producing artist and continuing her radio segment “Moments In Country Music History,” which is reaching an audience of 10 million radio listeners. 
     Additionally, she hopes to further her work on grants funded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Association by bringing her music and message about the dangers of drunken driving and the importance of being responsible drinkers to college campuses across the U.S
     To move forward in life we must, “move in the direction of our dreams,” Wilder said.     Wilder’s artistry and achievements seem to reflect her qualities: unique, accomplished, genuine and intelligent.

To learn more about K Wilder, her music and more, visit

By Shelly Davidov


Carrie Attebury—“Web Review” About Country Music, United States

I love Kay Wilder’s CD. It’s refreshingly different and very cool. I can hardly wait to hear more from her. Her music really means something. It’s not just a song for the sake of a song. Her songs are full of historic references and the mentioning of people that she has known. In this era we live in a musical fluff and singers that are essentially clones of one another, Kay and her music are neither one. (To read full review)


Lars G. Lindberg—MCWC Radio, Mora, Sweden

Just a word of appreciation. With almost 20 years in Country Radio in Sweden, I am quite use to receiving all kinds of Country Music…both major artists and Independent artists. But, there is always a difference from great to awesome good Country Music. After receiving the new K Wilder “Blue Ridge Dream” CD, I am convinced that even though K is unknown to me—she is a Major piece of Great Country Music. Needless to say…this album touches the deepest of feelings for this Music. Keep ’em coming for years, K.


Kajetan Berezowski—Public National Radio, Katowice, Poland

Hello!!! Thank You for your e-mail. Excellent voice and fine CD—my listeners are surprised of your great countrytalents. I am amazed too, and glad of your success on our charts. #1 - Rodeo Blues, K Wilder; #2 - Silver-Ladies, K Wilder and # 10 - Cheap Date, K Wilder


Armando Valasquez—Rodeo 95, Chihuahua, Mexico

Good News for YOU! “Silver-Ladies”, is the #7 in my show!!!


Raymond Swennen—Roots Revival, Belgium

Thank you so much for sending me your beautiful release and also for your kind words in your letter. I have enjoyed listening to your great music and beautiful strong songs and I like them very much. I will give your disc regular air-play in my radio show, because you are damned good. Thanks again and please find my play list.


Ernst Erb—Radio Riverside, Germany

Thank you for this wonderful CD. It is very good production and I can give every song air play. I am very happy to introduce you and your music to my listeners. Quality will in the end survive. Mainstream is industrial music and after some weeks forgotten and new mainstream songs will follow with the same short success. Thank you again and best wishes.


Anton Nagtzaam—Paloma Radio, Neatherlands

Thank U for sending us your latest album. We are very enthusiastic about it and it is on our playlists. The music from the album is already programmed, and will be played almost every day of the week and the weekends. I hope you have a lot of success with this and coming records and we hope you send us more of your beautiful music. Lots of greetings from the Paloma team.


Ron Simon—Emirates Radio 2, United Arab Emirates

Dearest K,  Received your CD today and have been listening to it almost the whole day. I think it is a great one, especially, the title song. I’ll be giving it air play this Friday, on my show, and I have no doubt that my listeners are going to enjoy it. Many thanks. All the best and keep in touch.


Stuart Cameron—Radio Caroline, UK

The music throughout is polished and professional. It is so nice to hear traditional instruments! I think “Cat Bird’s Kitten” would make a killer single! I am, also, making it my “Record of the Week” on an upcoming show on Radio Caroline..


Nikos Gravales—Country Club, Greece

Dear K Wilder, I would like to thank you for sending me the CD, “Blue Ridge Dream”. Warm voice with a bit of melancholy, which reveals a lot of practice. There is an harmonic continuity in the songs of the CD. I think that the song, “Blue Ridge Dream” stands out because of your voice. The song, “I Remember”, means that you can sing everything. “Silver-Ladies” is a classic road song. The song “Searchin’ for the Man” takes you back to the good old days of country music. Here in Greece I’ve tried to make country music know to thousands of friends of my radio program. A program which has been at the top of the ratings for the past eight years. I offer my listeners only the best. I believe that  you deserve the best. Your voice is like your face. Beautiful. Do not hesitate to contact me, whenever, you need me.


John Buckley—Radio Kerry, Ireland

Greetings from Ireland. Delighted to see that your CD is doing so well, and why not, it’s excellent, and getting lots of air play, overhere. K, you have my full support, and widest possible audience. I am now a big fan.


Vince Laus—Super Country, Malta

I just received your CD and have already heard it twice. I liked it and no doubt I’ll be playing most of it on my radio programme. I read the inside liner notes and was touched. Great songs from you K, different to the usual country songs. Great and well done. All the best and good luck.


Francesco Lazari—Coast to Coast, Italy

I can tell you that your CD has a lot of playing in my radio programme. There is a good response to your music and frequently I promote your web address. I hope to be of help to your work and to make your music well known in Italy.

Hope to hear from your.


Mathias Andrieu—Keep It Country, Paris, France

I would like to say that my favorite songs are: “Buford”, “Dusty”, “Silver-Ladies”, “Cheap Date”.  Sending  play list.


David Dawson—In The Saddle, Australia

Dear K, Of course, we’re playing your CD , “Blue Ridge Dream”. I have programmed the title track, “Rodeo Blues”, “Buford” and “Cheap Date”, so far. Checking out the reaction from listeners and will then add a few others as the weeks move on. Will keep in touch.


Raul J. Tejeiro—Top Country Hits - CMA  Uruguay

Loved the album from beginning to end and I have to admit that you really sound different and that the CD  offers everything for everyone, from hardcore country, to more acoustic styles to rocking material. It shows you as an eclectic and varied songwriter and performer who likes to experiment with music, no matter how traditional the musical style may be. Favorite tracks are the title one, the bluesy/funky, “Cat-Bird’s Kitten”, “Rodeo Blues”, “I Remember”—great fiddling honky tonk, “Searchin’ For the Man”, and my favorite by far, “Cheap Date”. These are the tracks I will be playing throughout the year.  Best Regards.

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