Moments in Country Music History


KWilder’s well researched and respected radio segment “Moments in Country Music History” has reached an audience of six million listeners in twenty countries on terrestrial radio syndication.
     The series begins with the ancestral relationship of American Country Music to that of England, Scotland and Ireland and their mutual ancestral relationship with the CELTS. Subsequent shows in the series move steadily through time to include black hillbilly music and meet the present Country Music scene to include star interviews.
     Additionally, the exclusive “Moments In Country Music History” segment gives the classic country performer a NEW forum, which allows them to perform and talk about their new songs PLUS the opportunity to be remembered for their classic performances and contributions to the history of Country Music.
     The nine-part series on the Ryman Auditorium begins with the storied history from the days of the Civil War and ends in current time. To date no one had told this story on the air. Three books were read to tell this story. Two of them were first-editions. One was 100 years old and the second one was 120 years old.
     Country Music has never been STATIC. How could it be? The music has always represented stories about daily life. Life as we know it to be changes from moment to moment, year to year, century to century.
     Today the world is having a love affair with country music for just that reason. Commercial Country Music arrived in America with the advent of the historic Bristol Sessions in the year of 1927. From that year, until today,
Country Music has consistently morphed to include Jazz, Blues, Western, Swing, Bluegrass, Honky Tonk, Rock , Cajun, Pop, and new forms of music as they appear. How could it be otherwise.
     Country Music has always been the musical stories of the people. And as such those stories become Moments in Country Music History.